Hire Packages

Guests Bar

£250 refundable booking fee (subject to a £750 minimum spend). In most cases, the minimum spend is easily achieved within the first few hours of an event.


£250 refundable booking fee (subject to a £750 minimum spend). 

You can decide on an amount that you would like to put behind the bar for your guests, and we will run a tab for you and provide an accurate breakdown of drinks sold at the end of the event. After the complementary bar allocation has been reached, you can operate a guests' bar.

What's Included

A set booking fee and minimum spend.

Two very friendly and bubbly members of staff.

All licensing applications and temporary event notices completed on your behalf. Temporary event notices allow the legal sale of alcohol at your event.  The standard council charge of £21 is included in our fee.

Set up, lighting and styling.

Elegant plastic glassware included.

Complementary straws/napkins.

Delivery within 25 Miles of the Big Fizz’s HQ in Wetherby (Yorkshire) is free. We can however attend an event anywhere outside Yorkshire charging mileage at 45p per mile. 

Please message us for more details.

Cash and card payments available. 

Please note card payments are subject to signal at your event.