Why Hire Us?

Count on us to produce the al fresco experience

1. Customisation

It’s your event and time to shine, let’s help build your perfect venue with a beautiful, bespoke mobile bar. Transformed from a vintage Rice Beaufort horse trailer, we’ll be bringing you the best in the way of style, drinks and atmosphere.

Every client, event and location is different. At The Big Fizz we take all this into consideration and provide a personalised and tailored service to meet your needs. 

Several drinks packages can be pre-ordered in advance of your event:

Drinks Packages




Our Drinks Menu includes a diverse range of your favourite beverages. After all, each of us have our unique tastes now don’t we? 

Is there something we missed in the way of your favourite drink/drinks? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to take a personal request.

2. Mobility

You’re probably thinking as to why you need a mobile bar setup when you have a perfectly fine bar in your basement. The problem lies in that your basement bar is stuck in one location, our vintage trailer however can dynamically move to fit in the most suited location within your venue’s area.

Simply imagine being able to bring out your favourite inside bar, attaching wheels and indulging in it’s various riches.   

3. Innovative

Let’s make sure your next event is a success, hiring The Big Fizz’s mobile bar can help your party to stand out in the minds of others. Remember something unique and new generally sticks better than something that’s bland. So take a chance and join the new crowd who aren’t afraid to take risks and know how to set the trends.

4. Social

In our experience we’ve noticed setting up a mobile bar at event increases socialization. Most people who go out to bars do so with the sole purpose of being social with others. Now you can bring them the bar, quirky staff and the best beverages at your own location.

5. Organisation

Being organized is vitally essential to running a successful event. A great way to easily achieve this is to have a mobile bar setup on the premises, we'll host all your drinks, supplies, juices and cups under one roof. Need to find out where to grab a drink? Simply look for ‘The Big Fizz’ sign and you’ll be heading in the right direction.  

The Big Fizz has been running a tight ship for quite a while, It’s worth mentioning that our mobile bar comes fully stocked ensuring that all of your glasses stay topped up.